The Mrs Mpumalanga pageant was hosted for the first time in 2015, organised and driven by the Timeless Group. Hoping to attract hundreds of women from across the province of Mpumalanga, the Mrs Mpumalanga Pageant aims to support the ideals and attributes of today’s married woman – a woman who has inner beauty, outer beauty and a beauty she takes out into her everyday life as a wife that is smart, sensual and sassy!

What are we looking for in a Mrs Mpumalanga Winner?

       Between ages of 21 and 50

·      Be legally married (with or without children) and in a committed and supportive                marriage ( may be asked to produce a marriage certificate)

·      Be available for the semi-final judging

·      A woman with strong character

·      Well-spoken and intelligent

·      Comfortable in her own skin (more than just a pretty face, will not be judged in                  swimwear)

·      Hard working and ambitious

·      Beautiful inside and out

·      Well-groomed and presentable

·      A Role model for married woman in our country

·      An ambassador for Mpumalanga

·      Brand Ambassador for the brand and sponsors

Every aspect of the pageant supports the ideals and attributes of today’s woman – a woman who has her own goals and views of her role within society. The idea that a “Beauty Queen” is just for show and only judged on her exterior beauty is certainly not relevant in the search for our ambassador. We always refer to the “full package” which includes among other attributes, the inner strength and maturity to take on the role and ability to be able to interact with people on all levels and social standing.

A key focus of the pageant is to empower women from the moment they are chosen as semi-finalists to the possibility of eventually being crowned the winner.

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